Christiana Essien – Freedom




Afro Funk at its best !
“To talk about Christiana Essien is to talk about good things you won’t like to part with. Her debut album is a special fad. Though a little gitl of sixteen, Christiana has matured to supreme beayty. She understands her lyrics and fills them out very fullly and fluently in a way only CANDI STATON DUSTY SPRINGFIELD AND MILLIE JACKSON can.
In Fast rock tunes, the lyrics roll out oof her tongue like soft smooth African pear : a cluster of them , one at a time. No Matter How hard a song – Christy’s touch crushes it to soft sounds and creates a sweet a,d lasting effect. In a framework of her blues, Christy becomes more than a singer. She Delves into the realm of the actrees.
In a nutshell, this is Christiana Essien taking her first stride to STARDOM “ Pal Akalonu.
… and you know how he was true !

Cover : Fair / Part down is missing, water damaged
Record : VG/ from VG- to close VG+ depending on tracks 

Listen carefully the sample :